Irked by the 8-month long shutdown of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, a group of students of the ivory tower trooped down to the State Secretariat of Oyo State to press home the reopening of the school by the State Governor.

However, as the governor suspended his state executive meeting to address the students, the students were not so charitable and civilized as to give the governor some audience. In the end, the whole meeting ended with the governor raging with fury at the gross disrespect shown to both his office and his person.

To argue that the closure of the school was justified is to show insensitivity to the imperative of good and smooth running education in a nation that lacks almost everything that makes a modern and developed nation in a globalized world. So, the reopening is long overdue and the two state chief executives in the sister states (Osun and Oyo) can be rightly blamed for that.

However, in actual fact, LAUTECH students really goofed at Oyo State Secretariat last week and Gov. Ajimobi was damn right.

If university students cannot learn to avoid mob and unruly action at a gentleman meeting, what future lies ahead of this nation?

Students are supposed to be orderly and engaging – preferring dialogue to violence no matter the situation.

When morality is thrown overboard, disorderliness takes over. The students could not even agree to put someone forward as their leader to address the governor. It does not make good sense when we personalize issues of general concern, we end up hurting ourselves. It costs nothing for the students to have shown some honour and respect to the office of the governor which Gov. Ajimobi aptly referred to as Constituted Authority. Ajimobi may not come across as a good governor, but while he occupies that seat, he deserves some respect as the governor.

Note: facts are sacred; comments are free.
God bless Nigeria


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