May the Almighty God grant our President speedy recovery just as I pray for the quick revival of our economy.
Having said this, I wish to state that there is an urgent need to take a second look at our quest for Mr. President to return to Aso Rock in 2019. Our inability to face reality and speak the bitter truth has contributed in no small measure to the tragic economic and social malaise we witness with each political dispensation.

Take it or leave it, the current state of PMB’s health does not prove too good to warrant calls for reelection come 2019. Rather than sacrificing the President’s health and life for cheap political scores, we can encourage our dear President to take a proud bow while we shop for a new President in the next general election. There is no doubt that Muhammad Buhari would go home as a conqueror. As far as I understand, there is nothing more for him to prove. He has done what he can do and we all are witnesses to the roadblocks mounted by the legislature in his match to reform the country and revive its economy. Even though I would not completely absolve him for being an architect of his own undoing in this regard, I want to admit that he did that in error thinking that the unscrupulous NASS would buy into his true democracy and Puritanical Ideals. Alas, he was wrong – Nigerian political system has yet to develop to that Utopian level. Maybe some three to four more dispensations if we are able to continue with the present system. Therefore, if PMB bows out at this level, his name would forever be etched in the golden history of our dear country. On the other hand, asking him to come out in 2019 is, at best, a bad wish for a patriotic President.

We would recall that a similar scenario played out during the campaigns for 2007. Despite being indisposed, Yar’dua was propped up to lead the country by no less a person than OBJ who later claimed he was not aware the man was so ill. In other words, he would not have supported fielding an ailing candidate for such an exalted and highly demanding office. Without doubt, the rigours of wide campaign weighed so much on Yar’dua’s health that he could not last the tenure!

Taking a clue from this, is PMB not coming out for campaigns that would automatically take him round the 36 states of the federation? Or his own campaign goes on by Proxy? This would throw up another question that if Mr. President is not so healthy to move around the states of the federation for campaign rallies within a couple of months, how would such health be good enough for him to lead the country for a full 48 months as the Number One Citizen? When one considers the fact that the President’s ill health is largely due to age, your guess is as good as mine.

Religion wise, life and death are matters of divine and no one can tell what would become of him in the next seconds. However, as much as we believe in this divine Will, no sane man dares take a poison believing that he would survive it as long as he is not destined to die of poisoning! Likewise, no sane man would wilfully dip his hand into a hole he is so certain a snake lives. This is certainly more than daring God.

I hear people say Mr. President is free to rule from anywhere! Hmmm, there is no theory we would not propound just to demonstrate some love for Mr. President. Even the US President that was confined to the wheelchair still ruled from the White House, and not just anywhere as some ‘lovers’ of PMB are wont to say. We all love Mr. President but, to different degrees and for varying reasons.

Does anyone reckon that former leaders in Singapore and Malaysia and few other nations of the world spent decades rebuilding those countries? However, Mr. Nelson Mandela spent only four years as President of South Africa even though he was incarcerated for scores of years! PMB has only taken a shot at Presidency just three times before finally hitting it. That is far less than the number of years Mandela spent behind the bars. Today, Mandela remains the greatest figure in Africa even after his death. And only a few world leaders could be held in higher esteem than Nelson!

Once again, I wish Mr. President speedy recovery and sound health. For certainty, the Will of God will be done but we also have the freedom to choose.

God bless Nigeria!

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